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Young Leaf Air Fresheners by Tree Frog


These are some of the best air fresheners on the market that you can hang in your rear view mirror or just about anywhere you're looking for great smells with a little JDM flare!!


Treefrog Young Leaf is the highest quality paper-based air freshener JDM products.

Extreme fresh: Freshens and Deodorizes with natural fragrances. Instantly smells fantastic and eliminates tough odors

Enjoy the pleasant scent in any room, including for office - home, and your cars/ vans/ trucks/ boats/ RV

Elastic string makes hanging easily at anywhere you'd like

Formulated by Japan Quality Products - SAKURA AROMAS CO., LTD. JAPAN

  • Cool Squash - Panda w/ White Leaf 50%
  • Midnight Squash - Panda w/ Green & Yellow Leaf 100%
  • Lemon Squash - Multiple Pandas 50%
  • Clean Squash - USA Flag 100%
  • Cherry Squash - USA Flag 100%
  • White Peach - JDM FLAG 33%
  • Fresh Squash - Floral Print 100%
  • Luxury Squash - USA Landmarks 100%
  • Black Squash - Emoji 100%
  • Bubble Gum - Gorgi 100%