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Whale Penis Intake

$55.99 / Sold Out

Is your girlfriend unsatisfied with your current intake set up?
Would she prefer it to be bigger? Oddly shaped? Black perhaps?

Well look no further, because I present to you the Polar Bear Penis Intake System.
You might ask, "Whats with the name?". Well the PBP Intake System is made from the same material as the as the infamous Iceman intakes, and shares the same weirdly deformed shape as the Whale Penis intakes.
Guaranteed to leave anyone who looks under your hood, gasping for air, sweaty, and begging for more.

But wait there's more!

If anyone has anything negative to say about your PBP Intake system, just remove it from the car, and it doubles as a great megaphone! Perfect for you to yell obscenities at them and their young impressionable children!

Comes with:
-PBP Intake Pipe
-Plugs for valve cover breather, and intake air temp sensor.
-Big ass filter
-Intake Manifold coupler

Basically all the shit you see in the pictures.

Price is $55+ Shipping or pick ups welcome.
and yes, the price is as firm as your girls nipples after she watches you install this.