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B18 B20 LS Valve / Spark Plug Cover Honda Acura

$34.99 - $54.99

Thick Stainless Steel, WILL LAST FOREVER & Will Never RUST! :D
Custom Washer included & Bolt Extender to mount perfectly on to your Dohc valve cover!

SOLD in Polish Stainless, Bare Stainless, Red Winkle paint or Black Wrinkle Paint.

Fits: Newer B18 Valve Cover (shown in pictures)
Also fits: Newer B20 Valve Cover


  • Bare Stainless Steel *( No Logo)* Sold Out
  • Wrinkle Red Blank *(No Logo)* Sold Out
  • Wrinkle Black Blank *(No Logo)* 100%
  • NEW Polished Stainless Steel (NO LOGO Blank) Sold Out
  • 🔥😎 NEW Polished Stainless Steel (BOOSTED) 80%
  • 🔥😎 NEW Polished Stainless Steel (ALL MOTOR) 20%