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Honda Civic Wagon 2WD 1.5L Bosal 163-379 Rear Exhaust Muffler

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Honda Civic Wagon 2WD
Engine: 1.5L D15b2
Location: Rear Bosal 163-379 Rear Exhaust Muffler
Part Number: 163-379
Aluminized steel construction for maximum durability
One Piece interior to end cap construction to reduce flex and stand up to vehicle vibration
OEM One Piece assembly for easy installation
OEM Style Hangers for easy installation and better fit
Hangers designed thicker for added strength
External drain Hole extend muffler life by allowing moisture to escape
Uniform flow Holes provide even distribution of exhaust flow through box interior
Unlike some lesser brands, Bosal mufflers are fully aluminized in both external and internal construction, and feature fully welded perforated tubes to guarantee long life. While others may talk quality, Bosal Delivers. Uniform flow Holes provide even distribution of exhaust flow through box interior. This feature accelerates condensation burn off and eliminates cold spots to prevent rust formation.

Bosal mufflers are constructed from aluminized steel, and meet the most stringent standards for mechanical and thermal load, ensuring durability and long service life. The most advanced acoustic measurement techniques are used to produce an optimal sound level with OEM characteristics. If you need a muffler that fits as perfectly as the stock one and performs exactly the way the factory muffler does, Bosal is the name you can trust. In North America, Bosal develops and manufactures OE exhaust systems for nameplates such as GM and Ford as well as supplies OE service products to many import manufacturers including VW, Honda, Volvo, Subaru, and Mazda. Bosal manufactures original equipment parts in ISO/TS16949-2002 certified facilities. This muffler is designed to deliver reliable OE-like performance and stock sound level. As a direct fit replacement, it eliminates the need for cutting, welding, and other modifications as it is constructed specially for your make and model.

Established in 1923 in Alkmaar, Holland, the Bosal Group is the name that is trusted in the automotive industry and beyond. In the USA, Bosal® won wide acceptance as a leading manufacturer of exhaust systems. The brand's customer base includes major carmakers such as VW, Honda, Volvo, Subaru, Mazda, etc. In North America, Bosal designs, develops, and manufactures OE exhaust systems for automakers such as General Motors and Ford. The company has pioneered the manufacture of one-piece, direct-fit replacement exhaust systems and has revolutionized the industry with a number of innovations, including the Bosal Manicat and Lightweight Exhaust. Nowadays, it remains one of the leaders on the OE market and aftermarket.

Part Number:163-379
Alternate MPN:163379
Bosal provides the following warranties for its products:

Exhaust system parts (excluding units included on Bosal Form 269-075, VFM and Flex) – 2-year warranty;

Units included on Bosal Form 269-075 – limited lifetime warranty;

VFM Exhaust and Flex - 1-year warranty;

Catalytic converters – 2-year warranty on associated pipes, 2-year unlimited mileage emissions warranty, 5-year/50,000 mile outer shell rust-through warranty.

This warranty shall not apply to any exhaust system part which has been subject to abnormal use, negligence, or blown out by “backfire”, accident, nor does it cover labor charges or any other claim incidental to replacing a defective part. This warranty does not cover modified exhaust or emission systems or converters that have been modified or installed on a vehicle for which they have not been cataloged.

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